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Vice President Song Jingwu Meets with Delegates of Russian International Cultural Cooperation Agency

Time:2019-11-26Editor:Zheng ChenResource:Department of European and AsianPrintingSize:LargeMediumSmall

On 26th November, vice president of CPAFFC Song Jingwu met with Mr. Ezhov, director general of Information & Municipal Affairs Bureau, Russian International Cultural Cooperation Agency (RICCA) and Ms. Kasyanova, representative of RICCA in Beijing and director general of Beijing Russian Culture Center. 

Vice president Song exchanged in-depth views with the guests in terms of youth exchange, municipal cooperation as well as  ideas of organising activities in coordination with official projects as well as the China-Russia Theme Year and reached multiple agreements. Both sides expressed the will to further intensify the contact, to promote the level of people-to-people exchanges of both countries and to consolidate the foundation of society and public will for bilateral relations.

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