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President Lin Songtian Gives CCTV Interview on People-to-People Diplomacy supporting Prevention and Control of COVID-19 Outbreak

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President Lin Songtian gave an interview to CCTV International Channel on April 17th, where he replied to questions concerned taking unique advantage of people-to-people diplomacy to serve the fight against COVID-19 at home as well as the international cooperation.

Lin said, the COVID-19 outbreak is a dangerous threat to the life and health of Chinese people and people of the world, and it is a global battle between human and nature. Since its outbreak, over 80 countries, 160 foreign friendship cities, friendship organizations and international friends wrote and called at the first time to express their sympathy to Chinese people and donated generously large quantities of face masks, protective suits and medical equipments etc. which were badly needed in the fight against COVID-19. They offered precious support in the most difficult time of Chinese people, during which many touching stories of people-to-people friendship emerged. They made important and valuable contributions for our rapid containment of the spreading of the epidemic, winning the battle against the epidemic by mobilizing all resources and blocking the spread of the virus.

Lin said, since the time between the end of February and the beginning of March, the situation of COVID-19 outbreak has reversed and spread rapidly all over the world, confronting the peoples of different countries with severe threat to their lives and health. With deep sympathy, upholding the idea of building a community of a shared future for mankind and carrying forward the traditional virtue of Chinese nation: Receiving drips of water when in need, and I shall return the kindness with a spring, the Chinese people moved very fast out of the urgent need of other people in the world. Various municipal governments sent their sympathy to the foreign cities with serious outbreak, donated in huge amount of supplies of epidemic prevention and containment, assembled medical teams and held remote video conferences sharing effective Chinese experiences in fighting COVID-19 etc. Well-known domestic enterprises including Alibaba and other social organizations gave full use of their own advantages or through CPAFFC to make donations generously, which contributed the civil strength of China to blocking the spreading of the virus. It showed the major country’s righteous outlook to serve the world in need and has won the recognition and praise of the international community.

Lin said, the COVID-19 is a common enemy of mankind. In this unprecedented global crisis concerning life and health of people, non-governmental diplomacy has built the bridge of support and standing together in difficult times between Chinese people  and people of the world with its direct, convenient and flexible advantages. It demonstrates the spirit of unity, understanding and sharing weal and woe between Chinese people and people of the world. In this tough fight of uniting Chinese people and people of the world against COVID-19, Chinese enterprises, organizations, citizens have all passed the test and become the representatives of Chinese non-governmental diplomacy, helping the international community to understand china as well as Chinese people more objectively, more reasonably and multi-dimensionally.

Lin expressed, Chinese people-to-people diplomacy in the new era is a hard task but a glorious mission with a new historical opportunity. CPAFFC shall always take the Xi Jinping’s thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics and his thoughts on diplomatic work as guidance. We shall commit ourselves to the missions of leading people-to-people diplomacy, serving as the mainstay in public diplomacy and promoting exchanges between Chinese and foreign local governments. We shall actively mobilize the resources and positivity of local governments, enterprises, friendly organizations, celebrities both at home and abroad to expand the people-to-people diplomacy comprehensively in order to better serve the overall situation of diplomacy and to contribute bigger strength to promotion of building a common community of a shared future for mankind.

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