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The “Chinese and Russian Youth Revisiting the Road of Friendship of Seventy Years” Launches in Beijing

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    Seventy years with rains and hardships, seventy years with fruits and success.
Seventy years of friendship road we went through together.
In this colorful July with the 70th anniversary of diplomatic ties between China and Russia and the founding of the China Russian Friendship Association, the“Chinese and Russian Youth Revisiting the Friendship Road of Seventy Years”, initiated and co-hosted by the CPAFFC and the China Russian Friendship Association had its inauguration in Beijing on June 30th.


    70 youth from difference regions and walks of society in Russia resembling 70 years friendship between China and Russia, together with about 100 youth from Chinese provinces, autonomous regions and universities gathered in Beijing. In the beautiful compound of the CPAFFC headquarters, the Chinese and Russian youth are all in white T-shirts with the logo which is consisted of the pictures of Chinese and Russian national flags and the number of “70” and the character “Friendship” reflecting youth and vitality.
Mr Song Jingwu, Vice President from the CPAFFC and Vice President of the China Russian Friendship Association and Ms Olga Melnikova, Cultural Counsellor of Russian Embassy and Director of Russian Cultural Center in Beijing addressed the inauguration.
Vice President Song Jingwu said that to carry out the instructions of the heads of state of the two countries and in line with the 70th anniversary of diplomatic ties between China and Russia, with the support of relevant departments from the two countries, the “Chinese and Russian Youth Revisiting the Friendship of Seventy Years”is launched today after over six months’ planning and preparation.
He hopes the Chinese and Russian youth can take this chance to revisit the path and status quo of the friendship between China and Russia and develop their own thoughts and vision about the future of the bilateral relations. Hope the Chinese and Russian youth can sow the seeds of friendship through their first-hand knowledge of each other’s countries and since then take part into the friendship undertaking throughout their life and he is willing to wait together with the youth for the fruits of the friendship between China and Russia.
In her address, Cultural Counsellor Olga Melnikova said that “Chinese and Russian Youth Revisiting the Friendship of Seventy Years”hosted by the CPAFFC is aimed to create a platform for the mutual understanding of each other’s country culture.
During the inauguration, youth from the Russian Cultural Center and the CPAFFC gave their culture performances and brought the event to a new high. As part of this project, the Chinese and Russian youth will visit Changchun from Jilin province of historical significance in China-Russia Friendship and Hangzhou from Zhejiang province which reflects the China-Russia Cooperation in the new era before heading back to Beijing for the seminar and grand gala between Chinese and Russian youth.
Let’s look forward to the stories on this tour of revisiting the seventy years’ of friendship. 







Photographed by Wen Guangmei

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