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President Li Xiaolin Attends USCPFA Washington Seminar on U.S.-China Relations

Time:2016-04-22Editor:Chen KeResource:Department of American and Oceanian AffairsPrintingSize:LargeMediumSmall

President Li Xiaolin attended and made a keynote speech at USCPFA Washington Seminar on U.S.-China Relations on April 22, 2016. USCPFA President Diana Greer and representatives from its chapters of Washington D.C., Richmond, Minnesota attended the seminar. 

In her speech, President Li touchingly reviewed the profound friendship nurtured between her and USCPFA friends during her 41 years working as an advocate of China-U.S. friendship, and thanked the USCPFA for its longtime understanding, care and support. She also said the relationship between two countries is based on the affections between the people of the two countries. The foundation of China-U.S. relations has its roots in the people and its future rests with the youth. She encouraged more young people participating in the great cause of China-U.S. friendship. She also hoped to strengthen cooperation with the USCPFA, making new contributions to China-U.S. friendship.

President Greer said in her speech that the U.S.-China relations matter more than ever in business, culture and friendship. The USCPFA is keen on developing friendships between our two peoples, and instilling more positive energy into the U.S.-China relations. She also hoped to further work with the CPAFFC to promote mutual understanding and trust between people of the two countries.

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