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Friendship Associations with Regions and other Countries

China-US People’s Friendship Association


The China-US People’s Friendship Association (CUSPFA) is a non-profit organization that encourages understanding and friendship between the peoples of China and the United States.

Initiated by the China People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC), a broad coalition of scholars and civic,business leaders established CUPFA in 1986.  Former presidents of CUSPFA include the late Chinese Minister of Culture Huang Zhen, the late Chinese Ambassador to the U.S. Han Xu,the former Chinese Ambassador to the U.S. Zhu Qizhen.

CUSPFA’s newly elected President is Mr. Xu Kuangdi, who served Mayor of Shanghai,Vice Chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. As President of CUSPFA, Mr. Xu heads a council with 80 or so members from central government departments, national news media, academic institutes and companies.

The U.S. Division under the Department of American & Oceanian Affairs, CPAFFC, serves as the secretariat of the China-US People’s Friendship Association,is in charge of its day-to-day work.

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