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Friendship Associations with Regions and other Countries

China-India Friendship Association


The China-India Friendship Association(CIFA), a national people’s organization of the People’s Republic of China was initiated in May 16th, 1952, Beijing by Chinese culturalart circles. Suspended in 1962, it was resumed on October 23rd, 1992.

The China-India Friendship Association aims at enhancing mutual understanding and friendship between the Chinese and Indian peoples, safeguarding world peace, promoting exchanges and cooperation between China and India on politics, economy, trade, culture, social program, technology, education, health, tourism and other areas.  

The highest organ of authority of the CIFA is the General Assembly, which is held once five years. The Council of the China-India Friendship Association is the executive organ of the General Assembly. The term for the Council Members is five years. The plenary meeting of the Council is held annually. The secretariat, which deals with the daily affairs of the China-India Friendship Association, is at the Department of AsianAfrican Affairs, the CPAFFC.

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