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Friendship Associations with Regions and other Countries

China- Russia Friendship Association


The CRFA is a nonprofit mass organization independently registered with the Ministry of Civil Affairs and accepts guidance from the CPAFFC in its work. Its main purpose is to promote China-Russia people-to-people friendly contacts, develop exchanges and cooperation in economy, politics, culture, society and between regions and cities of the two countries, enhance China-Russia friendship between the peoples, propel multi-polarization and safeguard world peace to achieve common development. It carries out people-to-people Russia-friendly activities mainly in the following aspects:

1, To develop friendly relations with friendship-with-China organizations, institutions and personages from various circles in Russia, and to enhance understanding, promote friendship and further cooperation by exchanging visits, holding commemorative meetings, academic lectures and seminars, publishing books and journals, exchanging information, etc.;

2, To promote China-Russia cooperative economic and trade relations through people-to-people channels, and to make communications between their nongovernmental economic and trade enterprises, promote exchanging visits of entrepreneur delegations, and to bring into play the coordinative role of intermediary to help establish direct relations between enterprises from both sides;

3, To carry out cultural exchanges with Russia, to send nongovernmental cultural and artistic groups or personages from literary and artistic circles to Russia for communication visits, to hold cultural performances and exhibitions, and to receive Russian groups or individuals to visit China;

 4, To promote cooperation in science, technology and education between the two countries, and to encourage talents exchanges;

 5, To carry out exchanges between youth and juveniles of the two countries, to enhance their mutual understanding and friendship, and to cultivate successors to the cause of China-Russia friendship;

6, To promote regional cooperation and various kinds of exchange between localities of the two countries, and to help establish friendship city relations;

7, To do all other work aimed at enhancing the friendly relations between the Chinese and Russian peoples.

In accordance with its statutes, the term of the leadership and council members of the CRFA is 5 years. Every 5 years, it holds a reelection meeting at which the new leadership comes into being. Vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Chen Yuan hold the post of president of  CRFA since 2014. The executive council of the CRFA convenes every year to communicate information, discuss, sum up and plan the Association’s annual work. Up to now, the CRFA has more than 200 council members from various places and circles of the country.

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Contacts: Tel. 8610-65121995; 8610-65594054 

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